Cevizsan Company;

    In 1973, manufacturing and marketing jobs with walnut folding Niksar the company, which started its commercial life since 1985 and has added the Position of the Europeancountries started to export natural corks. However, at the highest level of quality standardsin keeping the company in its own approximately 400 acres off  Niksar  walnut  groves beganto set up since 1998 and today carries out, including the types of high quality and efficient.Today, our company within the walnut, hard candy, dates, walnut trees, vineyard brineleaves, mushroom types, types of flour  and started the production of feed types. Walnut production in our region and our country to make  quality  educationin our field of 30 acres, and quality-certified walnut trees began to grow.

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Niksar Cevizi

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